Clash Royale 6th Birthday is Going Alive Now With Many Rewards

We are here to play a free-to-play game with real-time strategies, and now they are marking a remarkable history because they have succeeded through the gaming world for more than six years now. Not every game is capable of coming so far within the world, but Clash Royale did it with remarkable content on it at all.

The 10th of March 2022 marks six years after their initial release was the 6th birthday of this fantastic game, and this monumental milestone will be celebrated with so many offers for the players. The biggest and the most significant events have been released with their remarkable state, and their Royale Crown Down is now starting on the 12th of March 2022.

The Royale Crown Down is sharing its contents with the most famous content creators, and then they will engage with in-game challenges for earning some achievements, points, rewards, and more. The daily rankings will be updated on the global ranking board, and the winning team will have a unique reward with a super-secret from Clash Royale.

Clash Royale 6th Birthday

You will see three in-game challenges with Clash Royale, and they all need to be completed on Royale Crown Down in this period. So here are the three challenges that you are going to be playing in this Clash Royale 6th birthday.

What Includes in Clash Royale 6th Birthday Offers?

Since this is a most awaited event from the Clash Royale game, developers managed to include some remarkable rewards for the players, which are distributed over three events.

  • The celebration will start with the event called Royal Tournament
  • Then there will be the 2V2 challenge to fight.
  • And the whole celebration will end with the Legendary’s Infinite Elixir challenge, which will mark the end of the entire season.

What to be Earned with Royale Crown Down 

The winning team is going to be offered a special reward, and there are specific achievements to be unlocked for all the participants as well. The special Heal Buddy Emote will be unlocked with the first game-winning, and there are also magic coins in the game to be shared with allies by the team captains.

Clash Royale 6th Birthday is Going Alive Now With Many Rewards

Can We Play Clash Royale on PC?

Yes, and it takes only a few steps from you.

  • First, have LDPlayer installed on your PC
  • Then go to its LD Store
  • Search your game name Clash Royale
  • Install, and there you go for the playing
 Play Clash Royale on PC

Why Play Clash Royale on LDPlayer?

LDPlayer can be generally called the best android emulator, and it creates android space virtually on your computer without any issue playing mobile games. The primary benefit here is that you are getting a chance to play a mobile game on a computer with the best control supported by a keyboard with a wider screen and, of course, with a mouse.

Even if you are a low-end PC user, playing this fantastic game on your PC is not a problem since LDPlayer will adjust your PC settings to have the smoothest gaming than ever. Hardware, graphics and even the RAM features can also be adjusted according to your using device here, and the added features like Keyboard Mapping will advance your gaming like no other else.

Not only these features, but LDPlayer is also responsible for giving you the best performance with a trust taken by millions of players around the globe. It is a reliable and trusted source you can use on your gameplay. Security is guaranteed here, and even if you face difficulties with language, you can adjust it as well.


So this is the information we currently have on Clash Royale’s 6th birthday celebration, and we hope that you will make the best use of LDPlayer to beat the battles and other events in this fantastic Clash Royale game. Hurry up before these events run out from the time and grab your chance to have a great gaming experience with Clash Royale through LDPlayer.

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