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Games Like Rise of Kingdoms

Looking for games like Rise of Kingdoms for your iPhone, iPad and Android device? Follow this article to find out the games similar to ROK that are available for free.

Rise of Kingdoms is a free-to-play online multiplayer strategy game from LilithGames. In this game, players develop their kingdoms, hire commanders of different nations and fight for control over territories in the world. It is differentiated from other games of this genre by its colorful graphics and spectacular massive battles

5 Best Games like Rise of Kingdoms 2023

Here is our list of 5 best games like Rise of Kingdoms available for free at App stores to download for Android and iPhone/iPad (iOS):

1. Forge of Empires: Build your city

Forge of Empires is a strategy city simulation game in which you establish an empire through the ages like ancient civilizations, through medieval kingdoms, and all the way to the future. Just like ROK evolve your village into a city and then forge it into a megapolis. Discover new territories and build houses of your own building style with efficiency. Play PVP battles in the multiplayer mode and win amazing rewards and prizes.

Game Information:

TitleForge of Empires: Build your city
GenreStrategy Game
File SizeAndroid: 146 MB iOS: 222 MB
DownloadPlay Store App Store
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2. Top War: Battle Game

Top War is an innovative strategy game similar to Rise of Kingdoms in which you step forward and become the strongest Commander. Recruit and upgrade heroes with unique skills and lead the Land, Air Force and Navy army troops to become invincible. The game also offers various class options like tactical masters, legendary craftsmen, grand marshals and great scientists for you to choose from. A variety of battle modes are available to play online battle with players from all over the World.

Game Information:

TitleTop War: Battle Game
PublisherTopwar Studio
GenreStrategy Game
File SizeAndroid: 113 MB iOS: 373 MB
DownloadPlay Store App Store

3. DomiNations

DomiNations is the game that lets you build one of the most glorious civilizations and develop a combat strategy to conquer enemies.  Build your army then test your strength against other players in PVP combat or form alliances to conquer the world together. Choose civilizations from history that has a special strength to help you build unique units. Join an alliance and achieve world domination using your unique battle strategy.

Game Information:

PublisherBig Huge Games/NEXON M Inc
GenreStrategy Game
File SizeAndroid: 89 MB iOS: 257 MB
DownloadPlay Store App Store
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4. Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Rise of Empires is a medieval strategy war game like Rise of Kingdoms. In this game, you have to lead your country to greatness by building your own empire using unique strategies. Dominate the battlefield by knowing your enemy and set of units like footmen, cavalries and archers. It’s up to you whether you like to engage close quarters or take your enemies at a distance.

Game Information:

TitleRise of Empires: Ice and Fire
PublisherLong Tech Network Limited
GenreStrategy Game
File SizeAndroid: 346 MB iOS: 613 MB
DownloadPlay Store App Store

5. Age of Apes

Age of Apes is a free to play strategy game developed by TAP4FUN. The theme of this game are apes, they are at war to launch rockets into space in search of bananas. Become part of a powerful clan and get ahead of the other clans in the rocket race. Create your own gang and train the most dominant monkeys for PVP battles. Fight other apes, and be the first to explore the galaxy.

Game Information:

TitleAge of Apes
GenreStrategy Game
File SizeAndroid: 91 MB iOS: 654 MB
DownloadPlay Store App Store
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New Games like Rise of Kingdoms for free 

Need more free games that are similar to Rise of Kingdoms then please have a look at the games listed below:

There you go, our list of games like Rise of Kingdoms for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) mobile devices. Let us know what you guys think about our top picks in the comment section below. We would love to add more games that are similar to Rise of Kingdoms based on your suggestions.

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